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My paintings are visions of subatomic particles, microcosmic atoms and cells that make up the universe, the Higgs Bosun Field. Layered circles are the primary means by which I create the illusion of space in my work.


Grady Turner in Art in America (Oct. 1998) wrote: “Among the abstractionists of her generation, she is a bit of an anachronism: though savvy about current trends, she paints like an old timer, unaffected by irony or academic debates about the end of abstraction.” He finishes the art review by stating “Moving from the ethereal to the physical, Parish conveys a rare unalloyed truth in the spirituality of abstract art.”


Grace Glueck wrote of my work: "Optically, these luscious works are meant to vibrate as segments of larger patterns that extend beyond their borders..." (NYT, 2000). I play with the literal flatness and suspension of disbelief of pictorial space simultaneously. Through layering and transparency, there is the illusion of deep space.


Abstraction is the most personal of expressions. Work that deals with the emotional and spiritual aspects of life are akin to the wordlessness of these human experiences.

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