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We look and move based on our sense of space (https://phys.org/news/2006-04-sixth-space.html), an additional sense to the well-known five, called Proprioception. Let yourself meditate on this shiny space and feel your own proprioception at the same time. What does it bring to your mind? Always each artwork is completely open to personal, and often non-verbal, interpretation. Is it an opulent dream of a carnival? Could these be blood platelets? What you see on one day will be different than on another because of our daily experiences as we move through life. To have long relationships with works of art is a good way of seeing the inevitable of one’s own change.

In making these NFT’s I’ve had the serious pleasure of going back into older work that has been collected by somebody unknown to me. I’ve made and loved the paintings, let them go, and now can utilize digital technology to reinvestigate them. It is almost ridiculously enjoyable as an artist. In my paintings, I aim to make deep space. People say they would like to dive into and swim around in my paintings. NFT’s give me the chance to take it to the next level.


I made the original in 2012 and it left shortly thereafter. a sexy painting with red and gold, it has the colors of opulence and royalty. I used both spheres and unapologetically flat circles. This combination creates an illusion of space, and then the Modernist insistence of the flat fact of the canvas contradicts it.

Purple Haze is a view into a benevolent sub-atomic universe. One must loosen the mind and allow oneself to go into a kind of meditation or mesmerization to delve into this vista. In Nancy Princinthal's recent biography of Agnes Martin, she quotes her as having said that art "requires a relaxation of control," (https://news.artnet.com/art-world/agnes-martin-nancy-princenthal-1425421). Lose yourself in this field of bubbles and circles as they, at the speed of nature, float, rise, fall, and go on ad infinitum regardless of humankind's follies. 

There are a number of versions of this song and I think I was listening to a lot of jazz and blues around the time of making the painting, in 2007, especially Billie Holiday. Here is a link I’d like to share with you to my favorite audio interpretation of the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GohBkHaHap8


There is a serenity, a near laziness in which my circles and spheres float up the surface of Mood Indigo. I think of lazy summer evenings when it gets dark late and the air smells sweet and humid. There is an ease of life, the hurried day departing, juxtaposed by a nervous electric flickering of what we’d call “heat lightning.” I think of fireflies in the deep woods, appearing from seemingly nowhere, as blue dusk became night, cicadas as the soundtrack.


The longer one looks at the NFT, the more details one finds.

Lemonade Sunrise

Her Majesty